500k - It's real

2012-08-22 17:56:17 by K-Pone

Yep, it's real. I got the submission no. 500000 on the Audio Portal. Time to party! No, seriously, it's just a normal submission like every other submission on the Audio Portal. To be honest, I don't feel any different now, just as like as I feel everytime after submitting something to NG: Uploading, waiting a day, looking back into it, reading and responding to reviews.

As I saw this one was submitted almost in the same moment as I submitted mine, check this out as well:

I kinda like this jazz remix of the Legend of Zelda theme. It's well made and probably worthier to be the 500000th submission to the Audio Portal, but I was faster. Anyway, do him a favour and check out his song as well. Same for this one which came a little bit too late as well. This dance mix of royalty-free tunes is awesome as well.


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2012-08-22 18:59:50

Congratulations! Lol. Also, thanks for sharing that Zelda jazz piece. It's darn catchy.

K-Pone responds:

Thanks. I just wanted to share this little "fame" for the 500k with him, so I felt like having to mention this one as well.


2012-08-23 05:50:29

The sexy get sexier. Good job man ;D

K-Pone responds:

Thanks :D


2012-09-04 21:26:29

500,000th? Nice. I remember waiting for about an hour in order to snag the 150,000th in 2008, I was oddly proud of my efforts :P

K-Pone responds:

Hehe, I had to stay up the evening until 23:54 local time (just around 2-3 minutes after that time it happened. That was the last time I took a look at the clock before that.) to get it. I won't say I'm really that proud of me. It's rather just an "achievement" for me.