Entry #1

Huh? Yeay!

2012-08-02 04:46:27 by K-Pone

Wow, I don't believe it! I just looked at the views and downloads counters of my songs, and what did I see? My "Jumper Remix" just hit the 200 plays and 10 downloads recently, at that just 4 days after uploading it. In addition to that it has a score of 4.87 right now (9 votes so far). I first wondered why this became more popular than all my other uploads, but then saw that Taizuku put this song onto his Favourites list (thanks a lot!).

Anyway, I still have to say thanks to Taizuku for making the original song. Without that, I wouldn't have been able to make that remix of it.

If you want to check these soungs out, here's the remix:

Also check out the original:

And you might as well want to check out the original's "original" as well:

And once again: Thank you very much Taizuku, I really appreciate that you made this song and allowed me to remix it!

(btw. Am I better at remixing than composing?)


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