A dream came true

2013-01-12 11:26:50 by K-Pone

Finally, after about 6 years, I now finally had the possibility to make my dream come true. 6 years ago I wanted to have a Roland Fantom-X6 on my own, but since I was not able to get all the money to pay this thing (the only money I got at that time was pocket money and that would have taken over 4 years until I would have enough money for that when I don't spend money for anything else), this thing kept being a dream. Today the Fantom-X Series isn't produced anymore as there's a new series, the Fantom-G Series, so you can only get these Workstations used on eBay and such.

Since the times have changed and I finished my apprenticeship and found a job as well, which is also very cool, I now earn money on my own, I now have the ability to buy what I could not buy 6 years ago. Now I bought a Roland Juno Gi, since the Fantom-X Series isn't produced anymore and the Juno Gi has everything that made me wanting to have the Fantom-X6 too.

So, I got a new Synth now, and let's see what I can do with this wonderful device.

For those who wanted to know more about this Synth go here: http://www.roland.com/products/en/JUNO-Gi/index.

Never(?) Ending Song - Should I?

2012-11-29 15:29:09 by K-Pone

Well, currently I'm composing on a Song that was planned to be longer than those I made so far. Meanwhile the song has a length of about 17 Minutes and I'm still thinking about continuing on composing that song. Of course I know I can't upload such a huge song here in high quality since Newgrounds limits the file size to 15 Megabytes per song. I noticed it already exceeded its limit when it was about 11 minutes long (at least at 192kbps).

So, much said about what I did, but let's also talk about the song itself. The song would probably be a Miscellaneous Song because it's rather a genre mix than a set genre. Currently it contains elements of Rock, Ambient, Classical, and a bit of Pop and House I guess. My personal feel says it's fantasy-styled song.

As mentioned above, I can't upload it here because of its size. I have to do it on an external site instead. Or maybe the Newgrounds Staff could make it possible for me somehow to upload it anyway regardless of the filesize. What I can do now is uploading a preview of the song (like the first 9 Minutes or so of the song). Yes, I think I will do that.

What do you think about long songs of 10 minutes and longer, what's your opinion about that? Comment.

500k - It's real

2012-08-22 17:56:17 by K-Pone

Yep, it's real. I got the submission no. 500000 on the Audio Portal. Time to party! No, seriously, it's just a normal submission like every other submission on the Audio Portal. To be honest, I don't feel any different now, just as like as I feel everytime after submitting something to NG: Uploading, waiting a day, looking back into it, reading and responding to reviews.

As I saw this one was submitted almost in the same moment as I submitted mine, check this out as well:

I kinda like this jazz remix of the Legend of Zelda theme. It's well made and probably worthier to be the 500000th submission to the Audio Portal, but I was faster. Anyway, do him a favour and check out his song as well. Same for this one which came a little bit too late as well. This dance mix of royalty-free tunes is awesome as well.

Huh? Yeay!

2012-08-02 04:46:27 by K-Pone

Wow, I don't believe it! I just looked at the views and downloads counters of my songs, and what did I see? My "Jumper Remix" just hit the 200 plays and 10 downloads recently, at that just 4 days after uploading it. In addition to that it has a score of 4.87 right now (9 votes so far). I first wondered why this became more popular than all my other uploads, but then saw that Taizuku put this song onto his Favourites list (thanks a lot!).

Anyway, I still have to say thanks to Taizuku for making the original song. Without that, I wouldn't have been able to make that remix of it.

If you want to check these soungs out, here's the remix:

Also check out the original:

And you might as well want to check out the original's "original" as well:

And once again: Thank you very much Taizuku, I really appreciate that you made this song and allowed me to remix it!

(btw. Am I better at remixing than composing?)